On showing up…

As a Freshman in high school, my daughter earned a varsity letter in Soccer at the end of last season. I tried to congratulate her, only to have her interrupt me with “Mom, all I did was show up!”

It is true that girls soccer needed bodies last year. But she did muster up the courage to step on a soccer field for the first time–she had NEVER played soccer before last year.  And she did indeed ‘show up’ each and every day. Athletic to begin with, she managed to improve and see enough playing time (barely) to be awarded that letter. I think of her accomplishment often and am going to try to learn from her example.

I established this blog nearly a year ago. I have this wonderful forum available to me…yet it sits empty most days. Hundreds of people have stopped by to give it a read–many even took time for an encouraging email or phone call.  Still, I rarely post to it. Which is odd considering that I am ALWAYS writing…

Unlike my daughter, I am on the sidelines. The field of play (my blog) is right here, but I am afraid that I am not good enough, that I will misspell a word, use incorrect  sentence structure, or pen an awful post every now and again. I have set the bar so high, that I can’t possibly meet my own expectations. It doesn’t matter if I am the most fantastic, Perfect writer. What matters is that I adore writing. And many have said they enjoy reading my ‘creations.’

It is time I stepped on the field. Time for me to ‘show up.’ My plan is to post fresh material at the beginning of each week. Let the games begin…


About Amy Lauria

Artist. Writer. Single Parent of two college students. Beach Walker. Dog owner who walks outdoors to maintain sanity. Into shiny objects, vacations, glitter, cupcakes, sports, and my beloved sticks, stones and beach glass.
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