Senior Pictures…another school year

Got Daughter’s senior pictures done yesterday…

She walked out of the photography studio with a CD of 375 pictures. We can choose our favorites–then pay a small fee for them to be edited.

My issue? EVERY time I look at the photos, I tear up.

The pictures are ALL somehow ‘Daughter’ in her expressions, laughter, smiles, glances at the camera…

And most especially, when she dropped down to the floor in her 1950s vintage tulle dress to catch a quick break. Being photographed was exhausting. Especially for a young lady who prefers NOT to be the center of attention.

So like Daughter to be caught on the ground in a heap of tulle and satin ribbons…


About Amy Lauria

Artist. Writer. Single Parent of two college students. Beach Walker. Dog owner who walks outdoors to maintain sanity. Into shiny objects, vacations, glitter, cupcakes, sports, and my beloved sticks, stones and beach glass.
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7 Responses to Senior Pictures…another school year

  1. Anonymous says:

    Soooo Katie, beautiful inside and out!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, this girl is gorgeous!!!!

  3. Amy Lauria says:

    Thanks guys…She is a joy. And I feel lucky every day. That’s for sure.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Katie is beautiful…bet there isn’t one bad picture……seems like yesterday she was a little second grader.

    • Amy Lauria says:

      That’s what’s making me tear up. Not a bit sad. Just thinking about how much I have enjoyed raising her. And looking forward to what comes next…(And thank you form complimenting her…she is a pretty young lady)

  5. I always appreciate reading stories from other parents of teens…especially daughters. Mine is 15, and I learn so much about this time from other parents. Your daughter is lovely, and I appreciate you sharing this.

    • Amy Lauria says:

      Thank you Barbara…I sometimes wonder what to share. And what to keep to myself. (And I always ask my children’s permission, before I ‘share’ about them…) My favorite part of blogging is ‘meeting’ and connecting with others. I will be sure to take a look at your blog.

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