Time Flies & 18th Birthdays …

Time flies…

…when we’re having fun!!

Today is Daughter’s 18th birthday.

And I wish I had something profound to say. Sage advice. Wisdom that she remembers until the day she dies.

But really, I can’t come up with anything brilliant today…

Though I do have a funny ‘parenting tidbit’ from the past week.

Daughter got accepted to a local university. And she was SO excited. Jumped up and down, carried on some…

Darling Daughter: I got accepted to CSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: DUH?

And I think I shuffled off into another room.

To defend myself. This local university is a great school. A solid choice. Should Daughter choose to attend next fall, she will get an excellent education. And she would likely be very happy attending college there. I just wasn’t surprised by her acceptance letter. I was SURPRISED that she was SURPRISED.

Daughter’s boyfriend received his acceptance letter from the same university several days later. Or maybe he got his letter first. Not sure.

Was I happy for them? Of course.

Was I surprised? Not at all.

Darling Daughter: Boyfriend got a party and a cake to celebrate his acceptance.

Me: Oh.

I wasn’t really paying attention to her…

Darling Daughter: And all I got was ‘DUH!’

She had my attention.

Daughter’s Boyfriend: I didn’t really WANT the cake. Or a party.

Darling Daughter: You weren’t even excited for me.

Daughter’s Boyfriend: I would have rather had the ‘DUH!’

Me: I was happy. Just wasn’t a shocking thing for me.

Darling Daughter: I would have LIKED a cake.

Favorite Person: Wait a minute, how are you guys accepted already?

Me: Of course I’m excited for you. BOTH of you.

Daughter: We applied. You can apply online.

Favorite Person: I need to get on that…

Too late. My reassurances fell on deaf ears as Daughter and Favorite Person went back their homework, son was thrown across his favorite chair (barely paying attention) and daughter’s boyfriend and I sort of made eye contact, shrugged our shoulders and things headed in another direction.

The dogs? They didn’t care either, because nobody had food.

That is often how it goes in our home. Words tossed about. Ideas expressed as we go about our business. And yet, we understand each other. Never doubt our deep love for each other, or that we will all sort of meld into a happy, peaceful place when we relax at home—Dr Phil calls it a soft place to land.

Thinking back, that scenario STILL makes me laugh.

Because isn’t that parenting?

We do TOO much. Or we do TOO little.

We mean to get it right. Try to get it right. But so many times we are way too far to the left, or way too far to the right. Always trying our best—yet frequently making mistakes, bungling it up. Never managing to get it just right.

And so I will refrain from making any big statements on this momentous day.

Because there is a better than good chance I would (somehow) screw it up.

But I will say that my Daughter has been one of the greatest blessings of my life—has brought me more joy than I could have imagined. She makes me laugh almost every day. Sometimes aggravates me. Makes me smile. And yell. (But only about once every year or two) She is smart. Funny. Quirky. She challenges me with her ideas. Is patient with my odd habits, shortcomings. Has a wonderful wit and sense of humor. Is a loving ‘big sister’ to her younger brother. Since the day she was born…and every day since (or at least 99.7% of them…) I’ve been thankful to be her mother.

Though I’m at the tail end of raising Daughter under my roof and she’ll soon be away at college, I’ll never be done with parenting. Lucky me.

Because I do love being a mother. Always have. Always will.

And I’ll certainly continue trying to get it right. Continue enjoying the moments with my children. (And their friends, and my family and friends…)

Please remind me I said that in 8 weeks when the little boy (in the photo at the top of this blog) gets his temps and is behind the wheel of my car. With me riding shotgun…

Anyways…Happy 18th Birthday Darling Daughter!


About Amy Lauria

Artist. Writer. Single Parent of two college students. Beach Walker. Dog owner who walks outdoors to maintain sanity. Into shiny objects, vacations, glitter, cupcakes, sports, and my beloved sticks, stones and beach glass.
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