Hacked … I ‘get it’ now !!

flower 008Hack; Hacked, Hacking, Hacks.

Noun; an untalented professional.

Verb; to cut or chop.

I’ve hacked around on a golf course, had a hacking cough. One (or two) people have been hacked off at me. I’ve gotten my hair hacked off. I’ve even hacked down a Christmas tree.

What does the pretty flower have to do with it? Nothing. Though it was cut (or hacked) from a shrub. And it makes my topic nicer, right?

Anyways, yesterday morning, my email account was hacked…

How did I know?

My trusty iPhone started dinging—At 6:30am. Which meant I had new emails in my inbox. I rolled over. But it continued…

After a few minutes, I grabbed the phone because I’m not that important. Or at least not important enough for my inbox to flood with new emails at the crack of dawn.  And I had email failure notices. Lots of them! With a few “I think your email got hacked” emails in there, as well.

Ugh. I hustled to my computer and got to work.

Where were the dogs when things went down?

2013-01-15 08.13.20Resting. It’s what they do best, when they’re not eating or playing.

2013-01-15 08.13.29

I quickly changed my profile information, email passwords and then felt unsettled as I scanned past logins in my settings. Seemed somebody from Bulgaria had logged into my account?? And sent out tons of spam emails.

(No sent emails in my account.)

At the recommendation of my technical friends (Thank you Mike D), I let those on my contact list know what happened…

All 350+ of them.

Not only haven’t I emailed some of my poor contacts in years—I didn’t even know some were still ON contact list. Probably, they didn’t like me BEFORE they got my spam!!

What I’ve learned since might help others …

This happens sometimes, to many people. I’ve gotten similar links recently. They are the ones with no subject line, and with a link to another site.

FYI: Don’t click on those!!!

One friend had opened several of these–all pertaining to weight loss. She was ticked!! Thinking it was bold of those she knew to send them to her…

Another teased me that after opening my link, I was OUT of a group of writers I meet with. (He was teasing…)

I began my Monday flustered, off-balance and off schedule after hours of cleaning up the email mess. I turned it around some in the afternoon, when I completed a project that I’ve been trying to get done for weeks.

At least I have an excellent understanding of the word hacked, right??


About Amy Lauria

Artist. Writer. Single Parent of two college students. Beach Walker. Dog owner who walks outdoors to maintain sanity. Into shiny objects, vacations, glitter, cupcakes, sports, and my beloved sticks, stones and beach glass.
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2 Responses to Hacked … I ‘get it’ now !!

  1. jngraham says:

    Amy, any idea how the hacker got into your account? And beyond changing a password, what did you do to resolve it? hoping I won’t need the information in the future, but …..

  2. Amy Lauria says:

    I opened and email from a relative, one with no subject line, then clicked on the link…and wondered why did she send me this??? To resolve; I changed passwords, settings, etc. Called Yahoo (it was a Yahoo account). I also exported my email list to a spreadsheet type file, so that I have them. (If you dig around, you’ll find the option to export contacts and you can click and follow directions to do it) Lastly; I’ll be doing what I should have done already. (I was being lazy). I have a more secure email account info@amylauria.com through my website host. I had that forwarded to my amylauria/yahoo email (lazy!!!). I’ll be sending out my new email address to my contacts soon. (I figure the ones who don’t wish to BE my contact anymore can just delete it…) Hope that helps. And if anybody has more on the topic…please share!! I’ll be happy to post another blog with more, or better info…

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