Once a long married homemaker with a storybook life, I ended up  dumped–then divorced. My life has fallen far short of a fairy tale. And believe it or not, that’s okay!

I’m now a single mother, raising two teenagers and a couple of dogs. And trying not to screw it up! So far, the kids seem okay. (Even with me as their mother…)

The dogs? Not sure they were ever okay. The Big Red Dog is happy, but not at ALL bright. The Little Black Dog is smart…and neurotic. We live in a little white ranch house in a distant suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

Writer. Blogger. Marketing Manager.

I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to work in a range of jobs/industries. But I’ve (finally!) found a home in my current position, as a marketing manager for a non-medical home care agency. Work is rewarding every day because I’m helping others. Also, I continue to write and blog–both in my marketing position and as a freelancer.

My life is a lot of things. But never dull or boring.

Please come along for the ride as I muddle through parenting teenagers and settle into a career in sales/marketing, while continuing to freelance as a web content writer and blogger. And as I navigate dating at 42. Then there’s the dogs…

Whether I succeed, or fail miserably–my adventures (disasters?) are bound to be entertaining.  


4 Responses to About

  1. miss415 says:

    Do you ever sell sea glass on ebay?

    • Amy Lauria says:

      Sorry. Just saw this. I do sometimes sell glass on eBay, because I end up with so much and I dont know what to do with it. Figure others might craft something, put it out for display with candles, or otherwise enjoy it. You can email me anytime if you have specific glass types you are interested in. Again…my apologies for the delayed response.

      • No problem. I used to work for an Employer whose office was 5 minutes from a Lake Erie park. I used to have my lunch there everyday (in nice weather)and after eating, walk the beach for exercise and look for sea glass. Found a jar full and it is interesting the combinations of color and shape sculpted by the waves and wind. No specific type. Maybe the dark blue is my favorite. No urgent need for it. I am doing workshops now and concentrating on business; not hobbies.

        I think we met at Listen Up Business Network. Donald Wayne McCloud. How are you and how is your career path?


  2. Amy Lauria says:

    Hi Dennis,
    I remember meeting you a while back at the Listen Up workshops. Hope you are doing well with your workshops/business. My career path? After a good bit of trial and error, it seems to be taking shape. Amy

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