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Expensive vs. Cheap(er) College ???

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Since I’m on the topic of college (see yesterdays blog post), lets address the burning question for parents… How much should we spend? Or let our children spend? I promised a friend weeks ago that I would blog on this topic. … Continue reading

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Darling Daughter, College & Me …

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Darling Daughter told me there were those who expected me to “fall apart” next fall when she heads to college. I was SHOCKED. Then a little concerned… I did what I do when I want honesty. I rang up Aunt Kate. … Continue reading

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Oh Christmas Tree…Part II

As promised, I’m posting photo’s of our 2012 Christmas Tree… The outing was a disaster, a big reason it was so much fun. Given the participants; two teenagers, two dogs and me, we knew it wouldn’t go smoothly. Never does… The … Continue reading

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My Purple Smoothie Breakfast (Yummy?)

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Darling Daughter: You’re going to start eating healthier. You don’t sleep. Skip meals. Aren’t exercising enough. You’re tired. Me: Yes. Darling Daughter: You’re sick. AGAIN. Wasn’t much I could fire back with. I’ve been sick since early October… So Darling … Continue reading

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Friday Night Football in the Rain …

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There have been some lovely fall days in Cleveland, Ohio. When the sun was shining. When I appreciated leaves on trees turning to golden-yellow, apple red, rusty browns and oranges. Except come Friday evening, it ALL goes to shi#. Every … Continue reading

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